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Offset when loading pages


  • DHG12 started the conversation


    We're currently working on this beautiful theme and are experiencing an animation / layout issue:

    There's a small offset to the right when loading / refreshing each page, as you can see in the attached video or the provided link.

    Can you please help us sort it out?

    Thanks in advance,


    Attached files:  Kathy - Movement when loading pages.mp4

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    Paul replied

    Hello Aurélien!

    Thank you for the detailed information and the video of the issue. It appears that the problem is caused by the visibility of the scrollbar, which shows or hides depending on whether the content area exceeds the browser's window.

    Typically, the scrollbar is disabled during loading to prevent any possible scrolling to the reserved blank space for the content. To adjust this behavior for a consistent layout, please try applying the following custom CSS:

    body {
      overflow: scroll !important;

    This will force the scrollbar to be always visible so there's no offset toggle that occurs when loading.

    Let me know if this solution resolves the issue or if you have any further questions!