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Portfolio page/category questions


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    the one-two hiccups I've hit with Nakamura (at the very end of sorting out my theme transition) is with the UXBarn Portfolio.

    •it bonked out my old (wordpress) Portfolio - I can load the page I made but the links to individual projects no longer work

    •not a big problem, happy to use a new Portfolio especially if its built for the theme, but the sidebar menu in Portfolio views is wrecking the grid display (see link and/or see attached screenshot). I'm happy to just eliminate this sidebar menu if possible, as I want to link to my different Portfolio categories from the top bar menu.

    thanks for your help - this has been an easy theme to transition to, and everyone I've beta'd the look with says "nice!" Great work.

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    Paul replied

    Thank you for your kind words!

    Regarding the display issue with the portfolio template, I noticed that the content area's width seems incorrect, which might be causing the problem. Interestingly, this issue isn't occurring on my end.

    To help me better understand and resolve this, could you please provide the login details for your WordPress site? I'll look into the code directly on your website to identify and fix the issue.

    (*Don't forget to mark your reply as "Private" when sending me the credentials.)

    Additionally, if you prefer to simply hide the portfolio category menu, you can do so by navigating to "Appearance > Customize > Portfolio Options." Scroll down to find the "Show Category Menu?" option under the "All Works Template Options" section. Disabling this option will hide the menu.

    I hope this information is helpful.

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