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Portofolio Category Listing


  • andreaparaiso started the conversation

    Hi! I have a problem about the page attibutes, when I publish a page and select portofolio category listing so this can be showed as main screen, and i click preview it looks perfect, like in the portofolio example but when I click publish and go see if it was apply, is showing "nothing found"

    Am I doing something wrong or should i modify somthing 

    please help me

    thanks in advance

  • andreaparaiso replied

    here are some screenshoots so you can see what I mean. 

    Thank you

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    Paul replied


    I am so sorry for the slow response.

    For your issue, please try:

    1. Go to "Portfolio > Portfolio Categories" and make sure you already create the categories here.

    2. Go to "Portfolio > All Portfolio Items" and check that all the items on this page have been assigned to the categories you created in step 1.

    3. Go to "Settings > Permalinks" and save it once.

    Then try opening the front-page again. Please let me know if this helps.