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Add text over "Featured Work" sectino


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    Frink started the conversation


    I'm working on your nice theme and was wondering if it was possible to configure the homepage like that:

    - Some intro text

    - Than the "Featured Works" template

    For now, I can't add text to the homepage if I select the "Featured Works" template. Well, I can on the back-office but it won't get reflected on the front.

    Do you know how I could acheive this structure?

    If it implies to go in the theme source code, which file(s) should I check?



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    Paul replied

    Hi Naïm!

    Unfortunately, there are no options for that. The template by default will only display your portfolio items.

    However, you can manually modify the "template-featured-works.php" file to insert your custom text for the template. I would suggest creating a child theme, copy the file to the child theme, then you can override the code from there.

    For more information about the child theme, please see here: https://uxbarn.ticksy.com/article/8649/


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    Frink replied

    Hi Paul,

    Thanks for your reply! I will give it a try with the file modification on a child theme.

    Best regards,


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    Paul replied

    You're welcome, Naïm!