How to adjust the height of the blog image?


*NOTE: Below instruction is for the theme version prior to v2.0.0. If you are using the theme v2.0.0 and above, you can just upload the blog image (featured image) and it will be automatically scaled down to fit the area without hard cropping anymore. It means that the height of the image will now be flexible depending on the uploaded image's proportion.


1. Open "/includes/theme-functions.php" file then find this code:

add_image_size( 'theme-blog-thumbnail', 750, 200, true );
add_image_size( 'theme-blog-thumbnail-full', 1020, 220, true );

Change from "200" and "220" to your new height number. You can use "9999" for infinite height (depending on the uploaded image).

2. Open "style.css" file and find this CSS:

.blog-item-thumbnail {
    margin-bottom: 30px;
    height: 200px;
    overflow: hidden;

.blog-item-thumbnail {
    height: 220px;

Change from "height" to "min-height" for these two CSS selectors.

3. Re-upload all the image thumbnails for the blog posts (or you can use "Regenerate Thumbnails" plugin to regenerate them). This makes WordPress to recreate the image and use the adjusted size in step 1.