Setting up automatic update in UXBARN themes

All of our themes have the automatic update functionality via the Envato Market plugin. After installing the theme you should see a notification at the top telling you to install the Envato Market plugin. Just install and activate it.

The idea of this plugin is that, you create and save a token and the plugin will list the items you purchased on the Envato Market (ThemeForest, CodeCanyon, for examples). You can then update the items easily via WordPress.

Please follow the steps to setting up the plugin:

1. After activating the plugin, you would have to configure it by going to the "Envato Plugin" menu in your WP admin panel. You will see the screen as the below image: 

2. There are 2 options to choose:

2.1) For Global OAuth Personal Token, it is suitable if this is your own website so once the token is saved, the plugin will list all the purchased items. To start creating the token, click on the "generate a personal token" link on the page.

You may then see the login page, just login with your account that is used to purchase the theme. Now you will see the screen like this for creating a new token: 

Select the permissions as showing in the above image and click "Create Token". You will finally see a screen showing the created token. Copy that token and put it into the "Token" field on the Envato Market plugin page.

After saving, you will see all of the purchased items under the account that is used to create the token.

2.2) For Single Use OAuth Personal Token, it is suitable if you create this website for your client so you can specify which items to display. The plugin will list only the added items. The overall concept is similar to the global one. Once you click the "Add Item" button, you will see this popup window:

Use the same steps as the above global token's to create a new token. Or if you already have one, put it into the "Token" field here. For the item ID, just go to the item page on ThemeForest website then look at the browser's URL field. You will see a number like this "11354296" right after the item name. Copy and put it into the "Item ID" field then click "Save".

That's it! Once the plugin is properly configured, next time when there is a newer version of the theme available, the users will see an update notification on their WP admin so they can right away update the theme in WP. No more manual FTP update.