[Update Note] Major change on OptionTree plugin implementation since the theme v1.7.0

Archtek theme v1.7.0 has changed the way to implement OptionTree plugin entirely. The plugin was previously included in the "/optiontree" folder which was in the theme folder (built-in version). Now the theme has removed the built-in version out and implemented OptionTree as a standalone plugin. If you are updating the theme from previous version to v1.7.0, you will see a notice asking you to install the OpionTree plugin. Just follow the link on screen to install and activate the plugin.

There might be some effects of some option types after the update as followings:

1. Any "Yes-No Toggle Button" type from the previous version will now be "Yes-No Radio Button" type.

2. LayerSlider selection type in "Theme Options > Home Slider" from the previous version will now be a simple textbox that accepts the shortcode of the slider you want to use.

But do not worry. Actually your saved data/options are still the same and there should not be any problem when viewing on the frontend. But if you go to check the option types mentioned above on the backend (ex. post's edit screen, page's edit screen, Theme Options), you might see them as unchecked (or blank). If you want to save the post/page, you just need to select the value for those options again.