Welcome to UXbarn

Welcome to UXbarn Support Site!

* Scope of Support
We only cover the scope like theme installation, features usage, issue, bug, or the fix that are mainly related to the theme and to make the theme working properly. Any other theme customization would be beyond our general support and we do not provide any customization services.

Also, our support does not cover the "customized" or "modified" version. We only provide the support for the code as-is.

In case you would like to find the freelancers for your customization jobs, we would recommend you to post your requirements on ThemeForest Forum.

NOTE: Before opening the ticket, please do:

1. Read through the documentation provided in the purchased package.
2. See our FAQs section (at the top right of this site).
3. Search this site using the search form at the top right.
4. Search through the "Comments" section of the purchased item on ThemeForest site.

Then you might be able to find the answer for your case right away, without opening and waiting for the ticket response. :-)

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